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Das Ende / The end / El fin / Le fin 25.03.2016
London (back on the old continent) 06.09.2010
The US Open (You can do better, Uncle Sam!) 05.09.2010
New York City: Love at first sight! 01.09.2010
Niagara Falls (Byebye merry Canada!) 28.08.2010
New England Stories (Hiking, Drinking, Laughing) 24.08.2010
Prince Edward Island - The Gentle Island 18.08.2010
Nova Scotia (feat. Cape Breton Island) 15.08.2010
En Québec et New Brunswick (Parlez vous francais?) 10.08.2010
Busy Toronto (Great Canadian Cities, Part II) 05.08.2010
Laid Back Vancouver (Great Canadian Cities, Part I) 03.08.2010
Refreshing Vancouver Island 27.07.2010
(Rushing) through Oregon and Washington 24.07.2010
California, part two: This is bear country! 21.07.2010
California, part one: American Culture Trip 18.07.2010
San Francisco (be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) 13.07.2010
Muchas muchas gracias Sudamérica 11.07.2010
Islas Galápagos II - Swimming with Sharks 02.07.2010
Islas Galápagos I - Snorkeling with Sea Lions 01.07.2010
Tumbaco (y un poquito de Quito) 24.06.2010
De Huaquillas a Baños: Short Adventure Trip through Ecuador 16.06.2010
Paradies Máncora - casi en el Caribe (Adios, risueño Perú!) 07.06.2010
(Clinica) Arequipa 04.06.2010
Machu Picchu y el valle sagrado de los Incas 31.05.2010
Copacabana, Lago Titicaca (Bolivia parte II) - Hola amigos! 28.05.2010
La Paz (Bolivia parte I) - Papa Ruben 25.05.2010
Santiago de Chile (Hasta Luego, Chile) 16.05.2010
San Pedro de Atacama - el desierto más seco del mondo 12.05.2010
Don´t cry for us, Argentina! 11.05.2010
Salta - o una frontera nevada (Pausenpfiff 2) 07.05.2010
Vamos al Parque Provincial "Aconcagua" 05.05.2010
Mendoza - el sole permanente (Pausenpfiff 1) 02.05.2010
San Carlos de Bariloche - el "Salzkammergut" (Pero...no se) 26.04.2010
Parque Nacional "Los Glaciares" 17.04.2010
Parque Nacional "Torres del Paine" (And did you go the "W"?) 12.04.2010
El fin del mundo 07.04.2010
Peninsula Valdés (el entusiasmo de Margit) 01.04.2010
Leaving Buenos Aires 30.03.2010
Buenos Aires - Diego is Diego, you know (Part two)! 25.03.2010
Buenos Aires - dos cortados (Part one)! 23.03.2010
A Trip Into The Past (No Worries, Australia!) 21.03.2010
Perth II (relaxing) 12.03.2010
Perth I (selling our car) 11.03.2010
Intermediate Stop Fremantle (Das verflixte siebte geht los) 10.03.2010
Old Grimwade Townsite (Der Damm unserer Traeume!) 06.03.2010
Cape Leeuwin-Naturaliste Nationalpark 05.03.2010
Walpole Nationalpark: Finally Bigger Trees Again 03.03.2010
Go West (beachwaerts)! 01.03.2010
Cape Le Grand Nationalpark (es ging rund!) 19.02.2010
You're At Home, Baby! 17.02.2010
Eyre Peninsula (feat. Lincoln National Park) 15.02.2010
Side Note: Zum Valentinstag oder fuer alle die dachten, ... 14.02.2010
Outback Test Drive 12.02.2010
Flinders Ranges National Park 11.02.2010
Into The Wild (feat. Warren Gorge) 09.02.2010
Yes, We Did Like Adelheid A Lot 01.02.2010
Coorong National Park 31.01.2010
"The Grampians" - Close To Perfection 29.01.2010
Birthday Dinner 26.01.2010
Great Otway National Park II - Aire River East 25.01.2010
Great Otway Nationalpark I - Koalas And Rain Forest 20.01.2010
Melbourne: Yes, We Did See The City As Well! 19.01.2010
The Australian Open (And The Miracle Of Melbourne Park) 18.01.2010
Approaching Melbourne (Side Trip To Philip Island included) 17.01.2010
The "Alps" - Kosciuszko And Alpine National Park 15.01.2010
Starting The Real Adventure 08.01.2010
Impressive Sydney 07.01.2010
New Year's Eve With Carscht (And A Bunch Of Kiwis) 01.01.2010
Departure - The Second One (Margit Schmid geht) 29.12.2009
Weird Christmas And Heavy Rain 26.12.2009
Amazing New South Wales 24.12.2009
On My Own - Touchdown In The Middle Of Summer 13.12.2009
Departure - The First One (Christian geht vorher) 12.12.2009
Badminton Goodbye Tournament And Farewell Party 06.12.2009
Before Taking Off: The World (Trip) On A Map 03.12.2009